Elevator Technologies

Connected Buildings deliver peripheral lift technologies for all lift types and brands. 

The elevator is the central location for occupant transitions as they make use of the building. Our unique skill set allows us unparalleled access to install a full array of technology into the lift, lift shaft and surrounds.


We deliver high performance technology with first class technicians such as;

  • Lift Emergency Phones

  • Lift Intercommunication Systems

  • Elevator Ride Analysis

  • Digital Noticeboard and signage

  • CCTV and Access Control

Lift Emergency Phones - NBN Migration


SmartBuilding Technology

We build bespoke SmartBuilding technology to solve whatever your operational needs. Our Network Operations Centre monitors all of our systems 24/7, so we can act on alerts and incidents, so you can focus your time on proactive management of your building.

The trick with all IoT technologies is knowing when the need arises. Our approach is to constantly be in contact with our clients to help them to identify problems that can be solved by technology.

In short, we custom build technologies that watch, measure, and act upon specific criteria to ensure the building is being utilised as designed, and assets are operating as they should. 

Our core products are;

  • Virtual BMS - LoRaWAN SmartBuilding

  • Energy Optimisation

  • Machine Learning, AI, Human Data Interpretation

  • 3D BIM and Asset Modelling

  • Lighting Control

Occupant Experience
Automated Maintenance

Our technologies are designed with the experience of your occupants in mind. 

Improve ease of access, control lighting, upgrade security, manage car parking demands, provide remote access to contractors, measure temperature in key areas and respond, provide digital notices to keep your occupants informed and up-to-date.

Technology can deliver overall improvements to the enjoyment of the property for your staff and tenants. Tell us your challenges, or take us on a site tour. We thrive on the challenges of new puzzles to solve.


All of the work that your contractors perform that involves regular site visits to inspect an asset, or change a consumable can be automated so that these visits occur only when required.


Some visits cannot be avoided, so we deliver information to better focus the contractor so the site visit can be achieved faster or with improved quality.

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Common Use Lighting

  • Air Filters

  • Utility metering

  • HVAC Operations

Distributed Antennae Systems

Connected Buildings DAS solutions deliver carrier-grade 3G/4G/5G mobile reception into difficult buildings and hard to reach places.


With the move towards 5G, mobile reception is set to diminish inside highrise buildings, and a signal boost will be required to satisfy occupants. 

We have created packages that provide you with the best solution for use in this new environment.



Connected Buildings deliver 'Building Grade' broadband connections at very reasonable prices.


We do this by understanding the exact need of broadband requirements and design scalable packages to suit.


As well as high performance GPON fibre broadband networks, Connected Buildings also delivers guest wi-fi, common area access solutions, and future connectivity for the growing application of IoT in your building.


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